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It was just another sexy job for Max, a very famous pornstar, but everything went wrong.
The movie crew was captured by THE LACERATOR!!!

Now it's up to you to survive and escape from the hideout of this worthless psycho!

Experience a classic survival horror mixed with a trash movie
- Explore the branching hideout
- Find items to solve puzzles and progress
- Defend yourself
- Manage your resources in a limited inventory
- Beware of the many traps
- And the most important: Beware not to be LACERATED
- If you get LACERATED, Max will lose a part of his body in real time, this may change your plans and the game course

This game can be played in two perspectives
- Fixed camera
- Third person (over shoulder)

Both camera types use tank controls

Read Me 
- This is the very first playable version of THE LACERATOR, it's like an pre alpha, the current game is still in development and will get better with your feedback! So if you play please consider leaving your feedback on itch commentary section or on our discord (or anywhere actually)

- This game only works on keyboard and mouse so far! (actually the gamepad kinda works on the gameplay, but not in the inventory... I know this is bad but I'm still working on it hehe (it's hard))


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Published 15 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
TagsAction-Adventure, Comedy, Exploration, Horror, Nonlinear, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Singleplayer, Slasher, Survival Horror


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This Full Game Gonna Go Crazy!

I am Max and I bring the pain.

Joguinho muito bom! Vale a pena.

Cool game! It's worth it.

I believe I am missing an arm my god sir. But honestly, really good idea to punish inattentiveness. It also did force me to double check each think I come across. Nice job.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/@Levont

Looks like classic resident evil

Very cool.

From wishes. A journal where entries would be recorded.

well, let's say something to do with the loot. I threw away the screwdriver and it disappeared. as well as the ability to pass through the ventilation.

here, either permanently unscrew the grate or so that the loot does not disappear.


With are and Without arm Gameplay, Great Game Fernando
With and Without Arm Gameplay.. Great Game Fernando i really Want The Full Game lol

I'm playing the game right. Is there an actual code to the chest in the "in development" room?

wait... I think I've found something. lol

Huge fan of the game, I loved everything about it. Cannot wait for the full game to release!

Wow. I am a huge fan of classic survival horror games and this feels like it has all the workings to become another amazing game with its own unique identity if amputation becomes an in-depth system. The controls, sound, visuals are all solid. I can think of 0 complaints just some nitpicks here, the enemies look kinda bland and the lacerator himself looks like a discount jason vorheese. Also the 4th wall jokes are amazing but kind of weary if used excessively could become old quick.

 HOWEVER, those are such minor personal nitpick that does not really qualify as a complain. I just want this game to do well and look forward to all the updates!


My Gameplay/Lets Play, amazing stuff! Loved seeing all the efficient mechanics and especially in the interface, combat, etc. 

COOL GAME! ngl spooked me :))))))

Congratulations!! This game got my attention from the beginning till the end! How did you get that superb voice acting? Did you hire someone to do that?

Waiting for the full version.

GREAT GAME!! Can’t wait for the full release.

I absolutely adored the vibe of this game, so well done - dynamic amputation which affects gameplay is dope btw

Great trashy movies vibe. 

Heyy Thanks :D


This game was fun and I can't wait for the full version! Good job!

Oh thanks for that, nice gameplay btw :D
The full version will exist!!!


ah yes, thats that good sleaze πŸ˜‚

Full Demo NO Commentary

thanks for playing and also for the video xD


I love old school horror games. This was a perfect modern example of them. Keep up the great work!

This is really good. I loved it and can't wait to see what else you do with it. I noticed there were a few things that I didn't find or didn't know how to interact with yet. Is there more hidden in there or is that coming with the full version? I'm guessing I just didn't figure certain things out yet but it was a great time for sure! Thanks, dude!


Hey! Dope gameplay, loved the video!
Well there are some secrets but you got it all

The other locked door (hatch) will only be available on the full game, i should had hidden it for this version so people wouldn't be confused about it

Anyway that's a lesson for me :D
Thanks for playing, leaving feedback and also for the video!


Que jogo bom

Fico feliz que tenha curtido xD


Superb atmosphere! Solid game! Bravo! 

The game got a lot of popularity on itch.io and I've decided to check it out, only to be surprised and amazed how great it is. From the start till finish, the demo provides an excellent atmosphere, smart mechanics, raw visuals and hilarious commentary. Might as well be the campy slasher comedy, but this on has some depth to it. 

I am looking forward to seeing the full version, maybe with more story details and combat. Brilliant game. Best of luck with the future developments. Cheers!

Thanks a lot :D
I'll work hard on it


Sembra essere un bel gioco, da provare!!!

Grazie!!! (i searched it on google translate)


What a dope game!!! I hope this turns into a full game 

Dude awesome gampeplay! The freestyle rap on the ending was so funny hahahhaahahaha

Btw i can't belive you defeated the lacerator with that continous kicking, i think you were in a spot where it was safe to do that (that i didn't knew hahaha) 

I recommend you try another run without losing your arm, things can be quite different :D

anyway thanks for playing and also posting, dope video man :D

Thanks a lot man!!! I really appreciate it. The game was really fun to play and liked the humor/style of it. I think this will be a very dope game if you're able to release it as a full game. I'll definitely play it again!!! And yeea, the lacerator got my boot stuck in his ass!!! LOL. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Loved the game, i like how it kinda have more on a comedy take and love that you have the option to have fixed camera angle or over the shoulder since i am bad with tank controls. A Nice Joy To play.

(1 edit) (+2)

Wow this is really good! Here's my NO COMMENTARY playthrough:

I really enjoyed this-- loved your design choices. Some awkward slow-down when our character gets hit by an enemy though. And the opening cut scenes could have tighter transitions. But the exploration and problem-solving is top notch! I love the whole aesthetic and music too. Absolutely amazing.

Question: there's an area near the second vent that contains a locked box or something? Like it needs a key or lockpick, not a code. In my video it's at 10:49. Can it be opened in the demo? Again thanks for the wonderful game. Cheers!


Yes! I also asked myself if its possible to open this box..


I loved the intro and game in general. Already wishlisted on steam :). Very sexy game lol.

Love the video, so sexy! Thanks for playing!!!


I usually stay away from these games just because I do not care for the tank mechanics but decided to give it a go and it was quite good. I like the humor and the gore. Looking forward to seeing this progress


Hey awesome to read this, I'm glad you liked it :D 

I'm trying to make something ddifferent, cool to see people are liking it 😁


from what i played i really enjoyed the game and the storyline is very interesting. i cant wait to play the full game of THE LACERATOR 

Thanks for taking your time and playing it, i appreciate it! 

Hope you have even more fun playing the full game 🀘🏻


love it  ..vibes saw 

Thanks!!! Nice gameplay btw!


Really cool game! Can't wait for the full version.

Is it possible to open the box in this demo version?

Hey thanks for playing and also for the video! 

Yeah you can open it! The code is in a note! I'm sure you find it


The game looks like it's going to be a hit, very fun and scary, good job!

thank you!!!
I appreciate it :D